The Event Horizon is a New Jersey based cover band offering services for clubs, bars, weddings, and private events. They expressed concerns that their website represented their club performances but appeared intimidating to users looking for information on wedding and private party packages. They asked me to design a website that was accessible to both of their very different markets. They also showed interest in a single page layout so that users can easily scroll to find information on upcoming events.


My Approach

Since The Event Horizon has two very different markets, I decided to create a simple landing page that instantly allowed users to choose which type of service they are looking for. If you click the “Nightclubs & Bars” button, you are taken to a page with photos of their impressive light show, tour dates, and club videos. If you click the “Weddings & Private Events” button you are presented with a page that includes sophisticated imagery, testimonials, and booking information.

All pages use the same branding- fonts, colors, and layouts but they have different photos that relate to each specific service. Both service pages have a single page approach that allows users to quickly scroll to find important information.


Since launching the new site, The Event Horizon has received several compliments on the new look and layout. Users are now able to easily navigate to the information they need and the bands booking inquiries are more organized due to the separate contact forms.

The Event Horizon was so happy with their site that they have asked me to design their booking agency site, coming soon!