Alexis approached me to design a logo for her new business, Warm For All. Her passion for children fueled the start of a throw blanket company that donates a portion of the proceeds to foster families in need. Before she could launch her website, she required a professional logo that would represent the warmth and love of a throw blanket, a family, and her mission. Alexis also mentioned, she wanted the logo to be classic and sophisticated represent her luxury brand.

My Approach

What better way to represent warmth and love than a little lamb?

I thought the lamb should have a textured look to very subtly replicate children’s drawings. From there, I hand drew several lambs for Alexis to choose from and the logo quickly came to life!

I then chose a clean serif font to match the classic and luxurious brand essence. Next, I used a color sample from a Warm For All throw blanket to choose the logo color without being too “matchy”.

Finally, I sent Alexis her final branding package which included, fonts, colors, usage guides, and detailed advice on how to portray her brand and build a loyal customer base.


And voila! The Warm For All logo was born.

Since completing her logo, Warm For All launched with a massive preorder. The logo was printed on the product tag and marketing materials, as well as embroidered onto each throw blanket label. Warm For All’s inviting brand has caused several customers to send adorable photos with their pet’s and children using their new throw blankets. See them below!

“I commissioned Ashley to make a logo for me and I could not be more pleased with how it turned out! She was very patient and professional in the process of transforming the logo from an idea to a reality. When I was vague, she was super helpful in fine tuning the details. When I was specific, she was always listening and working with me to harvest my personal style into a logo that was even better than I had envisioned. I highly recommend Ashley and Sandy Lotus Marketing!”

– Alexis Schaufert, Founder of Warm For All