The Positive Sobriety Institute is an incredible rehab center that aims to break the stigma behind addiction, while treating their patients for not only their addiction, but also the trauma or mental disabilities that enable their addiction.

I was approached to design an email newsletter template that flawlessly renders across all email clients. They wanted their newsletter to present a large amount of information in a professional and organized way, while also appearing fresh and modern.

My Approach

The biggest cause of rendering issues are intricate effects like drop shadows and gradients. HTML email coding hasn’t advanced enough for emails to render as flawlessly as a website. To combat this, I stuck with a classic, flat design – no gradients or drop shadows. This way there will not be any display issues and they’ll have a timeless design that will last them for years, To fit a large amount of content, I went with a two column layout. Lastly, I created a simple navigation that allows users to locate important pages on the PSI website and their social media profiles.