TheSalonGuy is an influencer, author, celebrity interviewer, and so much more. With over 500k Youtube subscribers, TheSalonGuy offers everything from men’s and women’s hair tutorials to his Barber Battle mini series.
He approached me with the need for a website redesign. While he did like the look of his site, he felt that his it only portrayed him as a Youtuber and did not highlight all of his other achievements and business offerings. With a product line and a list of media services available, TheSalonGuy wanted a website that centered around his YouTube success but also highlighted his products, media services, and everything else he has to offer.

Our Approach

Many clients think they need to feature every single achievement or service right on the homepage. They think “the more I have to offer, the more credible I’ll appear”. But a wise woman once told me, “if everything is important, then nothing is important.” So the goal is to give your audience little snippets of your brand and let them come to the conclusion that your business is amazing on their own.

Since TheSalonGuy has so many accomplishments, my first order of business was to narrow them down to three: his Youtube success, his media services, and his products. I used these three highlights to set the layout of the homepage. First, I placed a video real and a headline to instantly inform users that TheSalonGuy is a hair stylist and media expert. Then, I strategically introduced information about his Youtube statistics, products, and services. From there, I used the navigation and supporting pages to reinforce those highlights, as well as introduce further information.


Since launching the new site, TheSalonGuy has received several compliments on the new look and layout. Referral traffic from to his ecommerce site has increased by 245%.

TheSalonGuy was so happy with his site that he had me to redesign his ecommerce site (view here).