Ethel, the CEO of Vision Marketing and Consulting, approached me with an urgent need for a redesign. Ethel and her team were overhauling their entire business model in order to accomplish two goals. 1) Take their company to the next level. 2) Narrow in on their niche, health and fitness marketing, with health marketing services that cater to medical professionals, and fitness marketing services targeting personal trainers and gym owners.

With two related yet very different target markets, Ethel wanted a site that is easy to navigate and makes both types of clients feel like VM&C’s services were tailored to their business. She also wanted to encourage clients to schedule a consultation call with her to avoid the back and forth of emailing.

My Approach

I decided to design VM&C’s new website with the clean simplicity of a doctors office, but also included pops of color to represent the energy of fitness. To cater to each market, I created a “Fitness Marketing” and a “Health Marketing” page in the navigation so that clients can instantly find information on marketing their business.

If users like what they read about marketing for their business, they can easily navigate to the portfolio page which displays the beautiful work of the VM&C team. Previously, there was no such page.

Finally, to encourage users to schedule a consultation call, I added a “Schedule Call” button in the navigation that links users to a scheduling app where they can choose a time slot that works for both them and Ethel. This call-to-action cuts out the lost time spent on the back-and-forth of emailing to schedule a call.